EALE Call for papers

European Association of  Law and Economics

29th Annual Conference

20-22 September 2012, Stockholm, Sweden


The 29th Annual Conference of the European Association of Law and Economics (EALE) will be held on September 20-22, 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden at Stockholm University in Aula Magna. The conference is arranged by Stockholm University, Faculty of Law, the Ratio Institute and Jönköping International Business School in cooperation with EALE.

Those interested in presenting a paper are invited to submit electronically the paper (at least in its draft form) and a short abstract following the online procedure at http://eale.irenoshii.net. Priority in the selection will be given to completed papers.

Papers may be on any topic in or related to Law and Economics including:

Antitrust and Regulation – Bankruptcy, Commercial Corporate Law and Corporate Governance – Behavioural Law and Economics – Comparative Law and Economics – Contract Theory and Contract Law – Crime, Deterrence and Criminal Law – Environmental Law and Economics – Experimental Law and Economics – Family Law, Gender, and Discrimination – Health Law – Intellectual Property and Innovation Policy – International Law, International Trade, and Immigration – Labour and Employment Law – Law and Development – Litigation, Dispute Resolution and the Legal Process – Market and Non- market Regulation – Mergers and Acquisitions – Political economy and public choice –Property rights, property law and growth – Public and Administrative Law – Finance, Securities and Capital Market Regulation – Taxation and Social Welfare – Theory of the Firm (Includes Non-Profits and Government Orgs.) – Tort Law and Compensation Systems.

Emphasis on European laws, systems and institutions is welcome

Important dates:

 Proposal submission deadline: April 15, 2012

 Communication of Acceptance: June 1, 2012

 Early registration by: June 15, 2012

 Final papers due by: July 15, 2012

EALE Board Members:

Bruno Deffains – President – (University of Paris II), Thomas Eger (University of Hamburg),Matteo Rizzolli (University of Bozen), Per-Olof Bjuggren (Jönköping International Business School), Avishalom Tor (Notre Dame Law School), Anne Van Aaken (University of St. Gallen)


Per-Olof Bjuggren (Jönköping International Business School and Ratio Institute)

Local Organization Committee:

Jan B Andersson (Law Department, Stockholm University)

Ronnie Eklund (Law Department, Stockholm University)

Nils Karlson (Ratio Institute)

Gustaf Sjöberg (Law Department, Stockholm University)


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