Call for Papers -Congresso Italiano de Law and economics


Call for Papers
Call for papers 

The ITALIAN SOCIETY OF LAW AND ECONOMICS welcomes submissions of full papers
on any topic regarding the economic analysis of law for its seventh annual conference
to be held in Turin (Italy) on  December 16-17, 2011.

Topics covered may include: Bankruptcy,   Behavioural  Law  and  Economics,   Competition  Policy,   Corporate  Governance,   Corporate  Law,   Criminal  Law,   Environmental  Law  and  Economics, Family  Law  and  Economics,   Intellectual  Property, Judicial Decision­‐Making,  Regulation, Securities Law, Law & Social  Norms, Taxation

A draft or completed paper shall be submitted online through our website:
Priority will be given to completed papers.

Important dates to remember:

*              Proposals must be sent by September 11, 2011
*              Acceptance of proposals will be communicated by October 16, 2011
*              Edited papers should be sent by October 30, 2011

People from The Board of Directors,  the Local Organizing Committee and the Advisory Board will appoint referees and select the works.

Please note that, as in previous years, both  Italian and English submissions  are welcome.
The program will guarantee at least one English session for each time slot.

Board of Directors
Magda Bianco, Emanuela Carbonara, Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, Giulio Napolitano, Giovanni Ramello, Simone Sepe, Lorenzo Sacconi

Local Organizing Committee
Giovanni Ramello, Enrico Colombatto, Gianmaria Ajani
on behalf of IEL – International Programme in Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law

Advisory Board
Roberto Artoni, Fabrizio Cafaggi, Francesco Denozza, Riccardo Del Punta, Luigi a. Franzoni, Paolo Giudici,  Michele Grillo, PierGiuseppe Monateri, Ugo Pagano, Roberto Pardolesi, Francesco Parisi,  Michele Polo

Segreteria Scientifica
Antonio Nicita, Matteo Rizzolli

Società Italiana di Diritto ed Economia

Start here to submit a paper to this conference.
Step one of the submission process


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