International Conference: Law & Economics of Money & Currency

3 Junho, 2011 – 08:30
Fourth International Conference on Law & Economics at Insper in Cooperation with the Foundation for Law and Economics at the University St. Gallen, Switzerland
Date Friday, June 3rd 2011
Time Reception starting at 08h30
Location Auditorium Steffi e Max Perlman – Campus Insper
Entrance: Rua Quatá, 300 – Vila Olímpia – São Paulo/SP
Parking: Rua Uberabinha, s/nº

How to reach the Campus

* click on the speaker’s name to access the shortbio.

09.30 AM – Welcome coffee and registration

10.00 AM – Opening of the Conference – Claudio Haddad

10.20 AM – Welcoming Speech – Alexandre Pundek Rocha

10.40 AM – Money in the economic versus the legal sense – Peter Nobel

11.20 AM – Money and Currency – Juan Jensen

11.50 AM – Exchange Rate Problems: Economic, Legal and Political Aspects Luciana Yeung

12.20 PM Lunch

13.30 PM – Financial Integration, Globalization and Real Activity – Gianni de Nicolo

14.00 PM – Monetary Stability – Ulrich Kohli

14.30 PM – System Stability and the New Role of Central Banks – Klaus Löber

15.00 PM – The Euro Area Crises – Stefan Gerlach

15.30 PM Coffee Break

16.00 PM – Resolving and Avoiding Crises in the Euro Area: Creating a More Robust EMU – Sebastian Barnes

16.20 PM – Private-Sector Involvement in Sovereign Debt Restructuring: Collective Action Clauses (CACs) as Part of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) – Peter Sester

16.40 PM – Crises Rescue Instruments at the Global and European Level: Other Country’s Instruments – Brazilian Level – Mário Mesquita

17.10 – 17.30 PM – Closing Remarks – Claudio Haddad

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