Economia, Política, Lei e Governança Institucional em curso de verão no Chile

Experience Santiago, Chile in a unique educational environment with students from throughout Latin America and the United States.
The Institute for Leadership in the Americas (ILA) features a two week academic program in Santiago, Chile that will focus on economics, political theory and the bases for the rule of law and institutional governance.
Chile has been called “an oasis of progress” in South America for its economic growth and political stability. Students will gather in Chile’s beautiful capital city of Santiago to study the foundations for Chile’s “economic miracle” and to learn about the political and economic necessities of a free society.
Students are encouraged to develop their leadership abilities by applying these concepts to institutions in their home countries. Students from a wide range of nationalities and ethnicities have a chance to interact, learn and share their experiences in ways that will benefit their educational and professional development.
All lectures will be conducted in English, and will include students from Latin America and the U.S.
Participants will experience the following:

* Attend lectures from top professors in the fields of Economics, Political Theory and Comparative Systems of Government
* Participate in presentations by visiting experts from government, think tanks, nonprofit foundations and the private sector
* Enjoy field trips to historical sites, government and academic institutions
* Facilitate open discussions among peers to debate contemporary issues and build lasting relationships

Students who complete the ILA program graduate into a network of nearly 10,000 TFAS alumni who live in over 100 countries around the globe. Graduates of TFAS Institutes have discovered this vast network opens doors that lead to life-changing opportunities throughout the world.
For more information, contact Jon Perdue at or Brigit Moore at
Come “Live and Learn” in Chile this January!

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